So new. So natural. So refreshingly tasty. So-Zen.

Taste The Zen

Good People, Great Times, Complete Zen

You want to be the best you. You want the best for you. But, you also want… well… the best. Which means the best flavor, the best ingredients, the best experience. So-Zen is all of that. There’s a So-Zen for you that’s light and refreshing. There’s a So-Zen for you full of spices. There’s a So-Zen for those quiet moments shared with one other or those moments filled with many. There’s a So-Zen for every season, every gathering, every occasion where you just need to disconnect from the busy world, and find, well… your Zen.

Produced with the highest standards of cleanliness during the canning process, leading to an extended shelf life.

So Unique.
So You.


Anything but the “basic” – Originally robust in both flavor and appeal with a large collection of botanicals and hint of papaya.

4.7% ABV
100 Calories


An authentic medley of basil and cucumber flavors that combine for a light and luscious taste.

4.7% ABV
100 Calories


An invigorating blend of cool mint and refreshing red hibiscus flavor.

4.7% ABV
100 Calories

Blue Cinnamon

This arrangement provides a perfect balance of flavors that have a hint of cinnamon and pumpkin spice within.

4.7% ABV
100 Calories

No Additives. No extracts.
No compromise on taste.

100% Natural

with deep, rich flavor enhanced by our proprietary, cold steeped process utilizing carefully selected botanicals. Your tongue experiences the flavor while your body benefits from the natural nutrients found in plants.

Something new under the sun

Finding Your Zen

“In the end you don’t so much find yourself as you find someone who knows who you are.”

Robert Brault

American Operatic Tenor