Well let’s face it. The past year or so has been (apologies for the over-used word you are about to see) you know, “unprecedented.” Things we never could have imagined have happened. Life has turned upside down and inside out. It has become at times chaotic, at times frightening, and at all times unpredictable.

But because we are human and always grasping for understandings and answers, we have actually learned a lot throughout the last year. Like how important people are. How important health is. How the only moment we really have that is certain is the right now. The… Right… Now…

And “the right now” is one of the many reasons we created So-Zen and are SO thrilled it will be available starting May 1st. Because we all need the chance to disconnect and relax at this time. We all deserve our own moments of Zen. And someday, when we are able to gather safely together again, we will once more be able to share food and laughter and drink with the people we care about. And things will be good again.

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